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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

About Indian Recipes

Food plays a very important role in our family - in our daily lives as well as at gatherings. "What should we make for lunch (or breakfast or dinner)?" is a question we are constantly mulling over. Even though each of us has quirky habits when it comes to food, we all enjoy the experience of sitting together and eating.

It certainly helps that both my mother (Mom) and my mother-in-law (Aayee) are great cooks. They both have a formidable repertoire of dishes, most learnt from their parents and in-laws (even from their husbands), and many just invented on the fly to mollify flaring tempers brought on by hunger but which have gone on to become family favorites.

On this blog, I intend to put up my family recipes with input from Mom and Aayee and Minal will post her recipes (with input from her mom and mom-in-law, I'm sure). Once we reach critical mass, we'll organize the recipes into various categories (dals, chutneys, raitas, pulaos, etc.) so that searching becomes easier.

As this blog is meant to aggregate Indian recipes in one user-friendly location, your comments would be invaluable. In fact, we would appreciate them very much!


Blogger Sunil said...

I wait with baited breath (and grumbling stomach) to see some recipes.

11:00 AM

Blogger Sujatha said...

Wow! My first guinea pig! Depending on how this goes, I may have to rescind my invitation to come visit us in nammooru.:))

11:27 PM

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