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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Few Thoughts before I Embark...

This was long due. I must bow to Sujatha who has shown tremendous patience when it came to me posting on this blog. An idea she gave me, when I had put up a small post on cooking on my blog. Obviously I was excited. So here goes my first post on what is soon going to-be-a- “Yummy” blog!

A little description about my trysts with cooking before I put up the recipes. (Parts of it from my post itself)

The most important thing my mom always told me was enjoy your cooking. Don’t treat it as a burden, remember if not for anyone else you’ll have to cook for yourself, I’m not going to be there to feed you all your life!

True and when I lived on my own for little time, I learnt to do it and not be dependant on outside food. It’s only then that I realized why home food is home food!

I learnt super short-cut methods from my mum (a working woman) as I knew with my kind of work-life I wouldn’t have all the time in the world like my mom-in-law(housewife). I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen, I hate that, it has to be quick, with minimum fuss and the result should be delicious :-)

Follow the golden rule in cooking is what my mum told me and the rule was “KISS”: Keep It Simple Stupid :-)

I used to smirk when mumma used to tell me nothing beats the joy when your loved ones relish your cooking. I realize it only today. As she says cooking and having others savour it is just one of those little joys in life! :-)

I couldn’t agree more with her :-) So hope you all experience that little joy here too:-)


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Anonymous Lakshmi said...

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